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Joe Hamilton

Catalyst Metacities
Head of Network
St Petersburg

A Catalyst Metacity is a virtual community that overlays and logically connects to a physical city. It provides tools, utilities and incentives to catalyze local content and value onto the platform.

Metacity life thrives with information, entertainment, interaction, economy and all the flavor and culture of its underlying physical city.

Metacity services include news platforms for schools, galleries for artists, newsletters for neighborhood associations - the list of tools we can provide is a long as the internet. Each tool delivers value to the user, while also feeding an idea meritocracy where the best ideas reach the most Metacitizens through their content feeds.

An on-platform economy supports local businesses, NPOs, creatives and more. Artists sell NFTs from their galleries, schools raise funds with virtual goods, writers gain paid subscribers using Metacity tools. Transactions are facilitated by Fluents, the platform cryptocurrency.

Metacities bring local to the Metaverse. They will reconnect cities that have been fragmented by big social media. Our idea meritocracy will drive the best thinking to the most people to inspire innovation, resiliency and civic passion.