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John Zagarella

Argos Insurance Solutions LLC
Managing Member
Clearwater, FL
I am licensed Insurance Broker that specializes in helping people with impaired risks get coverage they need to protect themselves and thier family. My entry into the Insurance industry began in 2012 after finishing my BBA from Stetson University. This career decision was fueled by a car accident that had caused me to become disabled for almost a year. The main focus of my start up company Argos Insurance Solutions LLC is to use the latest technology to help consumers and businesses to obtain the most advantageous insurance policies available with the least amount of hassle and intrusuion into thier daily lives. We currently have several websites in various stages of development which include MediPlans.net , TampaLifeQuotes.com and NoAgentNow platform (both .com and .net). Our goal in attending Tampa Bay Sartup Week is to learn about new technology that may enhance our projects and to network with like-minded potential partners.