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Charles Clark is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Charles Clark International, a firm that serves local to Fortune 500 clients as an expert in growth mindset, leadership, sales, and team building. His pursuit to achieve his entrepreneurial endeavors was enabled by sheer commitment to the process, allowing him to capitalize on his first $20k in one day.

Charles was the top 1% of athletes in the world and after a devastating injury, he was challenged to make a major career change. His first step in trying to find his comeback story started with him moving back in with his mom and making a complete mindset change. This was a pivotal time in Charles’ life where he made the decision to give back to students in the community by creating a nationally recognized non-profit, Charles Clark What Matters Foundation. He also began acting on his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Now, Charles is an international public speaker providing more than 500 event presentations over ten years for companies including Frontier Communications Corporation, Nike, iHeart Radio, and NCAA college sports teams. Charles is also an author and creator of the Thrive Planner. Charles is planning the release of “Thrive Tribe,” a podcast that focuses on the best ways to plan for success and achieve goals.