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Debbie Dubickas

SOHO Wellness Centre
Debbie Dubickas is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist running a successful practice within a Wellness Centre in South Tampa.

With over 30 years business experience, she continues to actively be involved in 4 of her own business ventures  based in the UK and in Tampa.  Whilst in Tampa, she continues to mentor clients looking to develop their businesses ideas and personal goals through having a clear and positive  mindset.

At the age of 21, she opened her very own Italian Restaurant and sold out after 6 years.  This lead her to continuing her education enabling her to work within the Human Resource and Accountancy Sector of many businesses.  At the age of 30, she felt experienced enough to work within the recruitment sector placing high end professionals with top jobs.  She felt something was missing and diversified into the placement of nannies and housekeepers to the “cash rich, time poor” families.  Earning trust and authenticity,  Debbie followed her passion in helping others which took her to open her own “Family Circle Care” recruitment business in September 2000.  The financial gains spilled over into buying and renting commercial and residential properties in Edinburgh and Tampa.

Having Immigrated to the USA in 2010, Debbie continued her education at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy opening her practice on Kennedy in 2012.  Within 3 years, she got itchy feet and wanted more.  Her daughter Becky, a Medical Esthetician proposed they go into partnership and open a Wellness Centre.  Today they actively work together from Soho-Wellness and Med Spa offering Mind, Body and Skin treatments along with 7 other employees.

In 2017 Debbie got itchy feet again and set up a Professional Match Making Service which is located above the Med Spa.    Having facilitated over 10,000 client sessions, Debbie continues to work as a Hypnotherpist/Life Coach to many as well as a business advisor to her UK Care Company.  

Her philosophy is believe in yourself and have a vision.  Your vision becomes your drive through passion and hard work, victory follows.  By then, the Entrepreneur has another vision in mind through diversification or working on a new concept.   It is the inner game of achievement and from that place you see opportunity everywhere.