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Fashion forward, high quality, and affordable garments for the everyday woman are the core characteristics of Elizabeth Carson Racker designs.

Elizabeth Carson Racker is a ready to wear designer with a philosophy to always apply the highest standards of creativity, honesty, quality, and innovation. Continuous research allows her to stay in front of the latest trends while applying the highest standards of fabrication and constantly creating new and fresh silhouettes for the everyday woman. Her aesthetic is pulled from ethnic culture, local influence, and a soulful movement. She is also inspired by music, art, dance, nature, photography…life!

Elizabeth is a native of Tampa, Florida born into an eclectic family of talents and she found her passion in fashion. She first acknowledged this love at age twelve when she attended her first fashion production at an Ebony Fashion Fair show. Her love for fashion continued through high school and finally blossomed in college. She attended one of the top fashion design schools in the nation, Savannah College of Art and Design. During her years at SCAD she truly found her love working with knit jersey and was highly recognized for her work, by the likes of Eric Gaskin, Andre Leon Talley, and David Rodriguez, just to name a few.

After graduating and earning her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, she began her career with Ebony Fashion Fair as their wardrobe assistant and featured designer. After leaving Ebony, Elizabeth continued to push her brand in Los Angeles; Miami; in Atlanta with Atlanta International Fashion Week; in Belize City, Belize with Continental Airlines Charity Event: Toys for Tots; in New York City at BET Rip the Runway, at Harlem Fashion Week and most recently at New York Fashion Week.

Her plan is to continue to design and push for excellence and success, which in return will earn her many more opportunities to further her career within the fashion industry. Elizabeth says: “It is important that my clientele can relate to my design aesthetics and embrace the pure excitement, joy, and confidence that will come from my collections.”

To learn more about Elizabeth Carson Racker, visit: elizabethcarsonracker.com.