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Grant Kendzior

Sustainable Breakthroughs
Grant Kendzior​ is an Environmental Entrepreneur who was raised between the mountains of Red Lodge, Montana and the beaches of Sarasota, Florida. Grant has always been a passionate environmentalist and has a deep visceral bond with nature. He plans to leave his imprint on the world by inspiring others and creating positive global change by using the power of business as a force for good.
After graduating, Grant chose to prioritize becoming an eco-warrior and currently spends his time working to fight the plastic pollution epidemic. For the last three years, he has been diligently studying this problem by investigating the effects of plastic on our natural ecosystems. He has visited dumps and recycling facilities, and now concentrates on upcycling plastic waste effectively and bringing more recycled material to the market. Grant has been disciplined in daily plastic clean-ups within his community on the small scale and on large-scale political reform through activism and community engagement.  https://grantkendzior.com/