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Jay Vickers

Legislative Solutions
Jay founded his first company as a 22 year old immediately after graduating from college.  Along with his college roommate, he started a company in the technology training industry that would eventually become the fastest growing and most profitable franchise of North America’s largest technology training company, Productivity Point International.   In a little over seven years the company would grow from a startup with a single location and two employees to five locations, over a hundred employees, and $10M in annual revenue.  He would successfully exit the business in 1997 through the sale of the company to a large private investment company.
After taking a few years off, Jay started his second business, Novusolutions. Over the next 15 years he managed the company through a number of business model changes, challenging economic conditions, and the rapidly evolving technology market. He and his partners ultimately found the right niche and NovusAGENDA became the leading legislative management solution in North America. In 2017 Jay successfully exited the business through the sale of the company to a large private equity firm.