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Lisa L. Demmi, Social Media Bad Ass
Speaker | Bad Ass Social Media Trainer | Marketing Consultant | Inspirational Storyteller
You're using Social Media the wrong way and that's alright. Most people do. BUT I'm here to tell you that Social Media does NOT have to be hard. It's a relationship tool that gives you an opportunity like no other to reach more people, create more connections and positively impact your bottom line.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Video, Blogging and all the usual (or unusual suspects) - I got the hook up and I'll hook you and your team up!

As a LIFELONG MARKETER with a Bachelor’s in Management with a concentration in Marketing and a Master's in Business, I have an understanding as well as real world experience to help you. My particular passion is Social Media and I can show you all the ins and out of the platforms as well as what, how, and why you should be using them. Additionally, marketing and social media are not one size fits all tools and I have the expertise to show you the difference, how to leverage each platform and strategies to get you the best results. Have dumb questions? I’m here to tell you there are NO dumb questions. Regardless your level of expertise, I can help show you how ALL the pieces fit together! AND we’ll have FUN while doing it!

Also, as a MOTIVATOR, I also facilitate and show people, businesses, and groups how they can use #SMALLMAGIC to make changes in their lives/ business that stick and make BIG IMPACTS!

-----What I do for (training) clients:

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