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Vladimir Vivien

Software Engineer
Tampa, FL

Vladimir Vivien is an accomplished Software Engineer living in the United States.  He currently works at VMware in the Cloud Native Application group where he is passionate about contributing upstream to the Kubernetes open source project.  Past experiences include development in Java and C#.Net for industries including publishing, financial, and healthcare. He has a wide range of technology interests including Java, OSGi, Groovy/Grails, JavaFX, SunSPOT, BugLabs, module/component-based development, and anything else that runs on the JVM.

Vladimir enjoys writing blogs on technology and is the author of  "Learn Go Programming " and  “JavaFX Application Development Cookbook”. He is the creator of the Groovv JmxBuilder open source project, a JMX DSL, that is now part of the Groovy language. Other open source endeavors include JmxLogger and GenShell.